My name is Kurt, I'm 21 muhfuckka
Its been an awesome week here in the Dominican Republic. I’ve met so many great people & only hope my relationship with them continues to grow whether we live 5 miles apart or 1000’s of miles apart. The woman in the picture asked that we pray for her husband, who was sick with heart problems, & for her family. As we were praying she just broke down and started crying tears of joy. The lords love shined through us & she was completely speechless. As you can see the only thing we could do was just show her love & encourage her that everything will be alright.
Although there was a definite language barrier, these kids were some of my favorite to connect and just play ball with. Helping perfect their baseball skills was definitely a challenge, but was totally worth it 👍 (at Sousa, Dominican Republic)
This picture was from the day before yesterday but the WiFi in the hotel broke, so here is day 2. Didn’t get to know his name, but this is literally how majority of the little kids here are  (at Playa Sosua)
Day 1 of the Dominican Republic mission trip with the Woodlands Church 😁

@Igfords #svt #ford #mustang tag -> #american_muscle_mustangs @wenk127 ‘s murdered out Terminator and SN95 Cobra..

Candy Red Volk TE37.
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